Who We Are

Backyard Buoys, we empower Indigenous and coastal communities with ocean intelligence. Our team of experts collaborates under the National Science Foundation’s Convergence Accelerator program, bridging the gap in ocean data accessibility through partnerships.

What We Do

In a world where oceanic data can be both a lifeline and a competitive edge, we create solutions that make this crucial resource accessible and understandable. We offer:

  1. Community-Led Stewardship: Our affordable, community-managed ocean buoys are designed to be deployed where they are most needed, ensuring localized relevance.
  2. Ocean Intelligence Platforms: Our user-friendly web-based applications bring complex ocean data to your fingertips, blending advanced technology with Indigenous knowledge.
  3. Blue Economy Empowerment: By equipping communities with relevant data and tools, we boost maritime activities, food security, and protective measures against coastal hazards.
  4. Collaborative Partnerships: We collaborate with a wide range of partners, from regional ocean observing networks like U.S. IOOS, to educational institutions, to Indigenous communities.

Why It Matters

The blue economy is a cornerstone of life for many Indigenous and coastal communities, and yet, until now, advanced ocean observing technology has often been prohibitively expensive or incomprehensible. We’re closing that gap, making it possible for these communities to flourish economically, protect their livelihoods, and preserve their cultural heritage.

The Impact

We’re not just deploying buoys; we’re deploying hope, sustainability, and a path toward self-reliance for hundreds of communities. The stakes are high—lives, millions in revenue, and the very resilience of cultures depend on our work. We’re motivated by the belief that everyone should have the ability to understand and protect their environment, ensuring a sustainable, equitable future for all.


The United States Integrated Ocean Observing System (U.S. IOOS) is a pivotal and coordinated initiative, bringing together the nation’s top oceanographic and marine agencies. These entities collaboratively work to enhance our capacity to gather, deliver, and utilize vital ocean information. By leveraging advanced technologies, in-depth research, and expertise from various agencies, the U.S. IOOS provides comprehensive data about our oceans and Great Lakes — from the deep sea to the coastlines. Its purpose is not only to advance our understanding of these vast marine environments but also to ensure that decision-makers, scientists, industry professionals, and the public have access to accurate and timely information for various applications, including environmental protection, marine navigation, and disaster response.